“A combination of
passion for designing
and technical knowledge”

Karol Piotrowski
Chief Machine Design Engineer
MDP Engineering

“The team is like a well-oiled machine,
there are clear rules
and attention to quality”

Rafał Pałucha
Managing Director
MDP Engineering

A team of engineers engaged in designing machinery and automated manufacturing lines

MDP Engineering is a dynamic team of experts who develop complex machinery designs, starting with a blank sheet of paper and ending with machinery start-up on the Customer’s site, wherever located, both in Poland and elsewhere in the world. Our team has considerable experience not only in the automotive industry, but also in heat exchangers and process machinery used as auxiliary manufacturing and testing equipment..

With MDP Engineering you can be sure that every project entrusted to us will be carried out completely and in a timely fashion. Our effectiveness is based on good practices that were shaped throughout many years of experience in the business. The company was set up by two engineers having more than ten years of experience in machinery design.

For many years, we have been developing rules which now we adhere to, while ensuring the high quality of machinery and carrying out projects on time:

Mission Statement

MDP Engineering aims at providing the highest quality structures and engineering designs, while ensuring that both the budget and schedule is met.

Company Vision

The quality and durability of machinery build our Customers’ confidence. Keeping promises and deadlines allows the company to be the first choice for further projects.

Rely on the experience of our team