Privacy Policy and Cookies

The following Privacy Policy describes all issues related to use of the web-site.

What are Cookie Files? web-site, hereinafter referred to as the “site”, uses, among other things, cookie files and other technologies necessary to adapt the service to the users’ needs, and for statistical purposes.

What are cookie files and how to disable them?

Cookie is a tiny data file transferred by the internet service visited by the web users onto the user’s device. Cookie files are also used by the services that we make references to when we, for instance, show the multimedia. The existing cookie settings can be changed in the internet browser. If the settings are not changed, it shall mean the user’s acceptance of cookies applied here. The portal uses the performance and analysis cookies in order to improve the web-site quality rendered to the users.

The service operator uses the cookie files for:

  • matching the contents of the web-site to the users’ individual preferences, but most of all, the files identify the user’s device in order to display the site in accordance with the user’s preferences;
  • preparation of statistics helping identification of users’ preferences and activities; analysis of those statistics is anonymous and it enables adaptation of the service contents to the prevailing trends; statistics are also used to asses the web-site popularity;
  • enable logging in the service;
  • keeping the user logged in on every page of the service.

The level of protection against cookies can be set in every browser – including disabling them at all. This will improve the security and data protection level, but at the same time this can disable some functions, such as logging in the email account.

The service uses two basic types of cookies: session and persistent ones. Session cookies are temporary and they expire in the moment when the user leaves the service (by means of entering other site, logging out or closing the browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s end-device until they are removed by the user, or until they expire after the time programmed in their settings.

The user may at any time modify the settings of the browser in order to disable cookies operation or to receive information on transfer of the cookies onto the user’s device. Other available options may be checked in the internet browser settings. It must be remembered that majority of browsers is set by default to accept transfer of cookies onto the end-device.

The service operator informs that changes in user’s browser settings may restrict the access to some functions of the web-site service.

Cookies used by the service (transferred onto the user’s device) may be made available to service partners and advertisers cooperating with the service

Information on settings of internet browsers is available in their menus (help), or on the manufacturer’s web-site.

Detailed information on cookie files is available on:

In line with the GDPR regulation on processing the EU citizens’ personal data – the portal does not store, process or collect on the permanent basis, any data that could be deemed to be the European Union citizens’ data.