Virtual Production Startup

Virtual commissioning – in the process of establishing a new production line, this is the most efficient method of planning a new investment, as it allows for the optimization of most stages of creating the production line from the mechanical process to electronics, without the need to invest in production, testing, and operation phases.

We specialize in:

  • Cycle time analysis
  • Preparing programs for industrial robots
  • Testing the correctness of PLC programs
  • Optimizing robots to achieve shorter cycle times

This is also crucial when modifying an existing production line, and we can perform tests virtually to avoid disrupting the continuity of the production facility’s operations.


Virtual production line startups

The purpose of Virtual Commissioning (VC) is to enhance the real-world startup of a production line, test the environment before initiating costly investments, and minimize the expenses associated with necessary modifications to the production line during implementation. All the assumptions that a given production needs to meet undergo a simulation process for optimal optimization and risk reduction in planning and implementing the mass production line. This is particularly crucial when modifying existing lines and making changes when it’s not possible to halt the production line for the necessary implementation of changes or the addition of new devices/processes.

projekty maszyn

Eliminating errors during the design and planning stage

Conducting simulations and virtual deployment of a production line enables us to identify all flaws and elements that need improvement during the planning and machine design stages. This allows us to rectify and optimize faulty elements of the production line even before the construction phase, optimize the performance of the entire model, and minimize deployment risks in the early implementation phase. Virtual deployment also aids in optimizing other processes that are part of a complex production line setup, bringing together independent elements—software, personnel, and machinery—into a cohesive operational system.

Automatisierung der Produktion

Implementations in production using the Digital Twin approach

Virtual commissioning allows for the operation of existing production lines as well as those in the design phase. The virtual plan enables the creation of a production environment in the best and most efficient manner. This eliminates all logistical errors and improves safety aspects at the early stage of change implementation. Digital Twin has a particularly important role in factories and production lines that are already operational and functioning according to plan. When modifications or machine replacements must not disrupt the production process, virtual commissioning becomes an essential component of the project, enabling changes to be implemented without disturbing the main production process.

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